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A polyamorous couple comprises one of the sketches in Unitard’s show Tard Core (There Are No Safe Words) at Joe’s Pub, but that sort of thing is mercilessly skewered, as per usual with this troupe. (“We have rules. You can cum in their mouth, but you can’t hold hands.”) In the riotously funny show—which will have you spitting out your overpriced wine—the comic trio also lampoons people who troll Whole Foods for tofu key lime pies; Facebook addicts who are horrified that someone else posted a photo of their breakfast burrito and got more likes than their own inane posts; and Russian hackers who discover that Hillary’s password is “Monicasucks.”

The show starts with the long running trilogy of terror—David Ilku, Nora Burns, and Mike Albo—as folk singers musically lamenting what’s happened to New York City. (“Where have all the porn shops gone? Turned into Soul Cycles and nail salons.”) But while the edge-depletion of the new NYC is one of their favorite targets, Unitard also makes fun of anyone who whines about it too much. A satirical Mod Squad for the new age, they hold a mirror to our pretensions while carving up soulless real estate agents, fruity designers who’ve crash landed on QVC, and the desperate Ann Coulter, who has a cell phone battery for a heart. Best of all are the Narcissists Olympics sketch and one in which the comics are hemorrhoids popping up in Trump’s butt and dodging all the fatty foods. No one is better at satirizing up-to-the-minute foibles than these three kooks. I would just add an 11 o’clock sketch probing some really dark pathos and despair, just to bring things to a different level, but having nonstop hilarity is nothing to kvetch about.

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Tard Nation: A Review of HOUSE OF TARDS (, March 21, 2015)

House of Tards is the second biggest riot the Stonewall Inn has ever seen.

The revue, by three-person comedy team Unitard, is a series of sketches that do what Second City and SNL have always done, but haven’t done well in decades. That’s why the show feels classic and brand-new at the same time.


Made up of Mike Albo (who generously flashed scrotum and bare ass the night I saw it for no reason except thank you), Nora Burns and David Ilku, the performers do pieces solo and together. They don’t go there, they start there.

Then…they go there.

The show’s best bits are painfully funny routines about NYC’s dying downtown scene (Debbie Harry, who opens at the Carlyle shortly, was in the front row) and the phenomenon of grief tourists on Facebook who suddenly become a famous person’s biggest fan once they’re dead. That’s Unitard’s forte, identifying social trends and deciding, with humor, what they mean.

Unitard has fangs, but everybody has fangs these days. The difference is that Unitard has the brains to know how and when and if to use the fangs, and also the heart to try stuff that is definitely going to rub some people the wrong way.

Precious little of House of Tards fails to amuse (a terrorist stand-up act was both brilliant and gross, but was ultimately too distractingly interesting).

There is no MVP here; all of the performers shine equally, making them one of the best threesomes you’ll ever watch outside of your computer.

House of Tards plays through April 9 at the Stonewall Inn.

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“House of Tards” Review – Manhattan Digest

Theater Review: HOUSE OF TARDS

Terrorism. Karl Lagerfeld. Addiction. Dead celebrities. They’re all just so hilarious, aren’t they?  They are If you’re Mike Albo, Nora Burns, or David Ilku. This triumphant trio, known as “Unitard” took to the stage last night at the historic Stonewall Inn, where they will undeniably induce shock, outbursts of laughter, and the occasional groan for the next three weeks.

This NYC based sketch comedy troupe returned to  their hometown after successful sold out shows around the country. It   is certainly not for the faint of heart or easily offended. Yet, like great satire,  Unitard manages  to take reprehensible, discomforting topics and turn them into fodder for self reflection and, in some cases, deprecation.

Unitard House of tard pic

The Saturday Night Live on steroids cast strike a deliciously nasty but accurate target of our digital media fixations, the gentrification of our once “artist friendly” city, and the good ‘ole GOP.   Through monologues and group skits, this trio swiftly pulls off most of the material. A stand-up comedy routine by a Muslim terrorist does cross the line a bit too far, leaving the audience to question, “Is this too soon?”   Yet, following in the footsteps of comedians like Joan Rivers, the group is aware that virtually nothing is sacred. Like the venue itself, the three revel in defying social mores and provide an entertaining night of comedy for those who are willing to lighten up and not take life -nor death- so seriously.

House of Tards runs on Thursday nights through April 9th at the Stonewall Inn, 53 Christopher Street (slightly east of 7th ave.) For tickets and information, visit:

PRESS CLIPS: PAPERMAG on David Ilku as “Tina Turnstile”, September 2013

“Tina Turnstile” Sings About Businesses Taking Over NYC
Here’s a strange video to titillate your afternoon craving for politics and clowns serving up Tina Turner realness: Tina Turnstile — a character created by David Ilku — takes on the increasing corporate presence in our dear, old (increasingly unaffordable and whitewashed) New York City to the tune of Tina’s “We Don’t Need Another Hero.” Produced by our perennial friend crush Parker Posey, it’s sure to get you riled up for the upcoming mayoral election while also reigniting your passion for the Queen of Rock’s wig game. Watch above.