Best of Unitard VIDEO CLIPS

Here is a selection of our favorite video clips from recent Unitard shows.  Click the links, watch and enjoy!

dusseldorf The Real Housewives of Dusseldorf Nora, Mike and David parody the Bravo TV series franchise of “real” Housewives, set in Dusseldorf Germany.
gaybe We’re Having a Baby: How to be a Gay Dad Unitard stick their tongues in your cheek and lampoon Gay Dads, whom we love… cheers!

Annoying Street Petitioners

You name it, these street shits will confront and assault you. They want your time, money and signature, all for a good cause.
whaboys Wha Boys at Work The Wha boys working at a Marc Jacobs Store, wait on an overwhelmed customer who winds up saving the day.
vampire Twilight Mega Fan A crazed Twilight fan will go to any length to get Robert Pattinson’s attention!
slimpoz Slim Poz Body, HIV Educational Mime Slim Poz Body is here to Educate and enlighten the conversation about safe sex, without ever speaking a word!
digeridoo 2 Boys, 1 Digeridoo The Boys from Unitard send up the nasty late night performances at NYC and London’s expensive and decadent night spot the “Box”

PRESS CLIPS: PAPERMAG on David Ilku as “Tina Turnstile”, September 2013

“Tina Turnstile” Sings About Businesses Taking Over NYC
Here’s a strange video to titillate your afternoon craving for politics and clowns serving up Tina Turner realness: Tina Turnstile — a character created by David Ilku — takes on the increasing corporate presence in our dear, old (increasingly unaffordable and whitewashed) New York City to the tune of Tina’s “We Don’t Need Another Hero.” Produced by our perennial friend crush Parker Posey, it’s sure to get you riled up for the upcoming mayoral election while also reigniting your passion for the Queen of Rock’s wig game. Watch above.