PRESS ARCHIVE: AOL Anywhere / Boston, March 2002

March 7, 2002

Black Box Theatre

Have you ever stood in line behind an inquisitive, obsessive dieter? Been chagrined by transgressors of cellphone etiquette? Questioned the latest haute couture fashion trend? Rolled your eyes at the absurdity of yet another mass email? These are only some of the signs of our times that are mercilessly skewered in “Unitard,” an evening of madcap skits and ranting monologues done in the style of “Saturday Night Live”. Three New York-based comics (Nora Burns, David Ilku and Michael Albo) launch cynicism and media skepticism into orbits of hilarity as they introduce us tpo a motley crew of satirical personalities. We meet the Secretary of Defense of Celebrities, a diabolically turbo charged “Starchucks” coffee clerk, a man on a date with his “inner boyfriend” and a self-righteous pregnant woman. Their societal stew of highbrow and lowbrow pop culture jabs feels like Eric Bogosian meets Jameame Garofalo meets Monty Python. — Liza Weisstuch

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