PRESS: “UNITARD: HOUSE OF TARDS” – Michael Musto, November 2014

Unitard–that sterling comic trio consisting of Nora BurnsDavid Ilku, and Mike Albo–were a scream in their show at Stonewall tonight, as they lovingly lambasted the foibles and pretensions of patronizing, needy New Yorkers–you know, “cis-gendered” people who take ubers to their Scruff hookups and gluten-free muffins. Ilku scored as a burka-wearing comic (“What did the terrorist say during Fashion Week? ‘Does this bomb make me look fat?’ “) Albo rocked as a robotic gay best friend to two overly enthusiastic straights, who love the way he does their hair and escorts them to sample sales. And Burns was a scream coming out with her arm around an imaginary person and a black bar over her eyes, saying, “Hi, I’m the girl next to you in your Grindr profile pic.” Be sure to catch the ‘tards next week and don’t be surprised if you find yourself up on that stage. Maybe even literally.

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